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Consonants is an application that has been designed to teach anyone, especially children who want to learn Gujarati. It has been developed for teachers and parents even, who want to teach their children at home. Consonants has three unique features, namely:

1. Interactive listening and pronunciation of word/consonant
2. Learning by auto writing
3. Learning by writing on the desktop itself


This screen has a visual image of the Gujarati consonant, the way it reads in English and one can listen to how it will sound and has to be pronounced. It also gives a picture of an object whereby the consonant has been used in the name of the object e.g. a picture of a house will be shown with the words GHAR and alongside the consonant . An easy way to learn by sound and picture illustration.


There is an animated illustration of the consonant that will allow one to write the consonant by themselves.


This feature allows the user to write and erase the consonant by themselves.

Consonants has been developed in such a way that if used regularly and religiously one will be able to speak, read and write Gujarati in no time. Its bright colours animations, and graphics make it appealing to the children. The menus, commands etc are easy to follow. The beauty of Consonants is that should a deaf person use it, they will be able to read and write Gujarati. Consonants is definitely one of the finest apps as far as Gujarati learning is concerned.

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