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Ten signs that you have high spiritual intelligence.

People that are spiritually intelligent have developed intuition and deeper understanding of the world, people, and events through faith. Living in the simplicity of the heart, they are also able to overcome selfishness through their own inner spontaneity and are capable of observing things beyond the usual prejudices and ideologies that govern our everyday life. This is not about any supernatural or parapsychological thing. It is about faith and spirit, about simply transcending what limits us primarily to our minds and hearts. Spiritual intelligence is the intuition that comes from the purity of the heart and the depth of faith, gives us a peaceful spirit and mind.

It opens us to more courageous decisions, for concrete actions. Spiritual intelligence is something with which we approach the problems of meaning and life values. By using this intelligence, we put our actions and our lives into a wider, richer, and more meaningful context. Spiritual intelligence is the intelligence with which we estimate whether a particular procedure or some life path is more meaningful than the other. It is the basis for the proper functioning of the rational intelligence and emotional intelligence. Rational intelligence helps us to learn certain rules. For example, emotional intelligence allows me to experience the situation in which I am and to act within the limits of that situation. That is, to let the situation lead me. My spiritual intelligence allows me to ask whether I want to be in that situation at all. Would I rather change the situation and create something better? It prompts me to ask why these rules exist. Spiritual intelligence teaches me that the rules that exist can change, and such things do not know either computers or animals.

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