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Pasta is a type of noodle thats traditionally made from durum wheat, water or eggs. It is formed into different noodle shapes and then cooked in boiling water. Nowadays, most products sold as pasta are made from common wheat. However, similar noodles can be made from other grains, such as rice, barley or buckwheat. Spaghetti is one type of pasta food that is very popular in America, this long is suitable for all cooking sauces, examples of pasta sauces commonly used are carbonara sauce, bolognaise sauce, aglioolio sauce and others. because of its popularity, nowadays there are many spaghetti restaurants in various countries
Spaghetti is the quintessential Italian pasta. It is long like a string (hence the name, as spago means string) round in cross-section and made from durum wheat semolina. Commercial varieties are generally used, but artisanal versions are easy to find. This is the best known pasta shape in the world, so much so that the name is identical in nearly every language.
This apps is a food journal that provides information about the history of spaghetti, types of spaghetti, and easy food recipe for making spaghetti. This food apps can help you to spaghetti maker in an easy and immediately practical way such as how to make spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, and how to cooking spaghetti. The guide for spaghetti recipes presented is very easy to understand and the materials used are also easy to find in various marketplaces such as traditional markets, mini markets and supermarkets.
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