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Ragnarok Online players! Ever wanted ragial.com to notify you whenever that Sound Amplifier [1] was on sale?
Or a Vitata Card actually dropped to 10 million for the first time in a month?
Or if those always overpriced Strawberries were finally on sale?

Well, now you can! Ragial Notifier will do just that for you.

This app uses Ragi.al data to analyze the items and checks if any item is on sale. If so, it will notify you so that you can look up that venders address and snap it up quickly.

- Add any number of items
- Request notifications for any number of items
- Works for Renewal, Thor and Classic servers
- Has both Vending Shops (V in the shop details) and Buying Shops (B in the shop details)

Note : This app is still in testing. Please send all the crash reports so I can fix them quickly.

Note 2 : Due to restrictions placed by ragi.al, if you make too many items in the app, there is a chance that it will not display any updated information for some time. This is becase it will block your IP address for some time. This is temporary, and will work after some time.

Permissions explanation :
INTERNET : Well, ragi.al meant the app would need Internet access.

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : To check if WiFi is on. If you wanna monitor a lot of items, you should select the On Wifi Only option in setting.

VIBRATE : Vibrate your phone/watch when you get a notification.

Disclaimer: I, do not in any way, own Ragnarok Online or ragi.al and this app has been developed independent of both Ragnarok Online, owned by Gravity, and Ragi.al, run by irowiki.com

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