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Availability of information anywhere any time is critical to todays business leaders as they are always under pressure to meet business targets. Mobility is important to multi-task and complete business priorities and deliverables on the go.
Mobility is also about ease of user experience. HR-MetricS solutions on the mobile device have been designed with the philosophy, If you can use your device, you can use our solution. This means that the usability of the solution lends itself to being used without any training. HR-MetricS has been conceptualized and delivered with a thorough understanding of the devices capabilities, usage scenarios and the users skill set. Native support is available for iPhone& iPad, and mobile web support is available for all devices.

HR-MetricS helps increase employee productivity by making key information available anywhere, anytime. The employee can now manage multiple self-service transactions on the go. Similarly, the Manager can complete multiple transactions pertaining to their teams, while away from the desk including while commuting, Traveling on work, at home or in a meeting

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