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If you are actively looking for a job, get "SnapX Certified" today to create a "Verified Resume". Simply register on https://snapxplatform.com and create a professional profile. We verify your past employment experiences and education to create a verified resume. You can submit this verified resume to your prospective employers or directly "Apply with SnapX" on partnered job portals.

For more details visit https://snapxplatform.com


What is SnapX?
SnapX is a NexGen Employment Certification solution leveraging AI, ML, and Blockchain technologies. Our solution enables individuals to create verified credentials, ahead of a hire. The end result is the creation of a verified resume which the individual can use when applying for their next job, speeding up the hiring process for prospective employers.

Who Do We Service?
Our target customers are the millions of active job seekers who are comfortable with certifying their education qualifications and past employment experiences. We made it very simple to create a verified resume and provided proper interfaces to share it with their prospective employers.

How will SnapX Benefit Jobseekers?
If you are actively looking for a job, "Register Here" to get started with your certification process. Once a verified resume is created you can share it with your prospects via an email or using Apply with SnapX" on job portals who partnered with us.

How Will SnapX Benefit Hiring Employers?
It is well understood that a slow hiring process is damaging to a business and its future prospects. Resume exaggeration and immigration fraud are widespread in todays digitized recruiting environment. A SnapX Certified candidate can both speed the time to hire and reduce the risk of a bad hire. Employers can start accepting SnapX Certified applicants for their job requisitions at NO COST. Just introduce us to the Job Portals or ATS which you use, and we can integrate a SnapX plugin into their job pages so employers can receive verified resumes.

What Are Some Other Uses For Employers?
If you are planning to let go of any employees (or) have resources on your bench looking for new projects, you can get them SnapX Certified and in this process provide proper references to make sure they have greater chances of finding a job sooner.

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