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You wake up on an alien planet. Mine resources, build factories, construct a spaceship, on to new planets in this idle space strategy game.

Can you use the planets resources to make a new space ship and continue your mission?

Your space ship has landed unexpectedly. You have been woken from inter-planetary stasis. With the help of a ships robot (call me George), you have to mine and collect resources, build conveyors, automate each factory and upgrade them all.

\u2003 Build drone hangars and send your drones to collect distant resources.
\u2003 Build radar stations to discover new areas of the planet, with new resources you need.
\u2003 Collect rare gems and mysterious artifacts to help you.
\u2003 Harvest resources from alien spacecraft.
\u2003 Boost your mining, crafting, and assembly line performance with power up clickers.
\u2003 Automate your production keep your factories running while you are away.


\u2003 Build your new space craft.
\u2003 Manufacture the fuel you need.
\u2003 Launch your spaceship to reach new planets and build again
\u2003 Take the next step in your mission (what even is your real mission?)

This new idle tycoon-style simulation combines great graphics, multiple challenges, and many potential strategies to keep you gripped for ages. Go back to the same planet type and play a different way, or on to the next. Watch quick videos to boost your rewards, or play the entire game without ads.

Good luck!!

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