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smartphones smart time management

Because life is convenient smartphone addiction , but that evil can be a little uncomfortable.
Resection is difficult , especially children themselves , young people are defenseless against a smart phone addiction .
Severe addiction to the game , Kakao Talk , Facebook , Twitter , SNS App and daily use time-out time to walk their own smartphones so you can adjust your training .
Haphazard than the specified time limit the use of available , but smartphones Once you have the ability to adjust their own time possible.
In addition, in order to protect your privacy SNS, Kakao Talk , Facebook , Twitter, and other apps gallery for privacy lock password to prevent others peeping out Shilin this .

Key Features

About all apps installed on smartphones
App run-time password or a pattern of protection.
Walk time limit smartphone use can prevent poisoning .

One . App lock method
- Lock the application -specific settings and time management
- All apps installed on smartphones used for time management

Two . App Lock Screen
- Application error window : Displays the app ohryuchang lock.
- Cryptography entering a password to lock the app .
- Pattern mode: pattern way to lock the app .

Three . Displays the remaining time available
- Daily use of the available time is displayed on the screen .

Four . Random background set
- Registered random wallpaper background , set the lock .

5. Lock screen background, the Add / Remove
- To use the lock screen wallpaper can add / delete .

6. Remove protective Time Guide
- Deleting one-touch guide to protect your time .
(The machine requires administrative privileges)

7. Automatically start at boot
- Phone will reboot and automatically start the app .

Eight . Set the Lock screen aepbyeol
- App for each set lock screen can be different .

9. WiFi - Check
- WiFi access only if you can run the app .
( Can be set for each app )

10. Remote lock
- Specific SMS to your phone to lock the receiver .
( Lost smartphone will be useful. )
- Letter received permission required

11. Initialize the remote password
- Smart -time guide on a particular set of incoming SMS
Initialize the password .
( Lost password will be useful. )
- Letter received permission required

12. The status bar icon changes
- You can change the status bar icon .


The initial off-duty 777
( App to password protect the setup screen . )
lost password, use the remote wipe feature .

Setting up background
Set your background image , select the image you add your background , you can .
( A check box is used when you want to delete multiple images . )

Daemon Installation
If the daemon is not installed screen filter (Screen Filter) related
Shut down your application can be installed.
Reboot your phone, install or possible.
( In this case, all other applications will also not be installed .
This appears to be a bug in Android . )

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