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<< Display relative positioning from the start point >>
(20Aug24)*LongPress App Icon->Shot/Send picture
(19Jul12) Tapping "Help!" message pop up map showing where "Help" is asserted.

*KML interface : Automatically fetches downloaded KML file
Detail is in Help item21

*Text capability among group members
Long press "+CHAT" button at right-bottom corner. Provide "groupname", "password" and "name on the map" at the first time(no need later on). Text window pop up and you can text with group member over internet. You can choose simple message from template.

(2) Chat template messages can be customized by 3 steps below.
1>Choose a template message
2>Change the text
3>"Templ" button longpress

*What Red/Green button means
There are half green and half red at the bottom, 2 functions share it. Long press them: Take a picture/send to gallery, View photo gallery uploaded from group member, Chat with members.

>>How to use it
*Open the App. first time :
If ANDROID later than 6, you are prompted 3 permissions, then 5 pages explanation is displayed. If you want not to see the 5 pages next time, click the checkbox at the bottom.Next starts drawing the track.
(1) #1 Map
As soon as App get opened from 2nd time, drawing start immediately if you are in open space like in the sea,. But If it is first time, the explanation and permission shows up. you'd better take a quick look at them.

Track is updated every 1 sec and it changes to per 5 sec after about 3 minutes to save power. You can change from #1 right-bottom button.

If the phone is connected to network and groupname/password are set, the App. send it's location to a server every 15 min. and received member's location. Member's location are also displayed on #1 panel and googlemap.

Other buttons on #1 Map are
>Save the current positoin
>display only you or with old track( which can be loaded from #2 menu"
>GoogleMap display

Double tapping : #1 <-> #2. #2 is setting menu.

(2)#2 Setting menu
Buttons are there to
>Delete/Rename saved points and add new point
>Upload/download track data to internet server.
>Delete/Rename/Display saved track data. You can kick googlemap/googleearth to check the saved track.
>Terminate the App

(3)Drawing and Receiving GPS data are separate
The App. is made of 2 Apps, one for drawing and another for receiving GPS data.
After the App. starts, you can terminate drawing app anytime, while GPS app
keeps running in background. You can check the track any time by opening app from smartphone top menu(blue star).

>>What the App. help you
(1) Drawing your track does not need internet access.
>Fishing boat -> Check current boat position, previous track and the fishing point
>Hiking -> Follow your track backward and you can return to the start point safely.

SHARP 304SH can keep displaying the track for 10 hours. This is good enough for my half
day boat fishing. I may need extra battery for 2 days boat fishing.

(2) You can always check other boats on #1 Map or googlemap
You can use it to rescue a boat in trouble or hiker who lost the way in the mountain.
*Need same groupname/password input in #2 menu.

(3) Can share the track via internet(*Need internet access)
*Need same groupname/password.

(4) Googlemap
Can kick GoogleMap to check the detail around the place.
(5) GoogleEarth
Can kick GoogleEarth to check your saved track.
(6) Add new point/Share points over internet
Can add new point with DD or DMS format in #2 "ADD" button. Also share the saved point with group members from UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD buttons.

>>Some buttons are assigned 2 fucntions ::
>Green => Long press : Net needed
>Red => Touch : Net not needed
>Purple => Selection
>Green/Red => Long press and Touch

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