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A distinctive feature of the natural style Aquascape
> Has a typical landscape layout that grows naturally from certain environments in the wild
> Made with one focal point such as a small hill, tree, or cliff formed by using hardscape.

Various forms of Aquascape design
> concave shape: the effect is to display the impression of open space in the middle or depth of field.
> Convection shape: This construction focuses on showing objects in the middle and describing an island or hill that only surrounds ordinary lowlands.
> Triangle shape: This construction focuses on visual balance, plant height or hardscape used in such a way that the tier height is from one side to the other.

The basic natural composition of Aquascape style
> Choose a substrate that is good for plants
> Select plants carefully before recognizing plant characteristics
> Selection of the main equipment or the right support

Plant type:
> Plant carpet (glossotigma, hairgrass, HC cuba, etc.)
> Ferns (fern ferns, windelove, etc.)
> Moss plants (fissiden, christmas moss, flame moss, etc.)
> Appropriate Fish Recommendations

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