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Tummy Tester is a simple app that you can use to convince your child they have not eaten enough of their food or that they have already had enough food or snacks to eat. The app allows you to choose the outcome of the Tummy Scan then you hold your phone to the child's tummy and start the scan. If you feel the child has eaten enough of the food on their plate you can choose the 100% full option but if they have only eaten 3 or 4 bites and just want to go play then you can choose the 25% full option. When the scan is done the child can see their tummy is not full and needs to eat more or totally full and they have eaten enough. The app does not provide any true nutritional information nor can it really tell how full your child's tummy may be. You, as the parent, have to determine if they have eaten enough food or to much food and then choose the desired outcome for the child to see after the scan. For real nutritional information or information about how much your child should eat please consult a doctor.

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