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QRPassport by Shiftboard is a free app for smart phones and tablets that can super-charge your existing businesss Shiftboard subscription.

Using QRPassport, your staff and hourly workers can simply clock-in by scanning in with their personal Shiftboard QR code. Scanning works with on-screen codes, ID badges, wristbands, and any other printed item. With QRPassport, workers can check themselves into the app or your managers can control the check-in process for all other staff, attendees, or volunteers as they arrive on location. The app allows you to choose between kiosk mode with the front camera and hand-held mode with the rear camera.

QR Tools and Timekeeper Tools need to be enabled within your Shiftboard site so if you do not already have them enabled, make sure you have these features set-up in your Shiftboard site before using this application.

All activity from QRPassport is logged and can be used for payroll, auditing, or other seamless reporting functions that needs to go thru payroll, time-sheets, clients, or your accounting people.

QRpassport works in real-time and can restrict who is restricted or who is allowed to scan in at any give time. Real-time means that placing accounts on hold or locking people out of your Shiftboard site will immediately block their usage of any QRPassort activity.

QRPassport transaction logs provide the image collected from each scan transaction. Storing pictures of the field of vision for each scan can help reduce buddy clock-in problems and other unauthorized or fraudulent usage.

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