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3D chess game with multiple boards (up-to 8), which can be played against your friend (local multiplayer) or AI.

Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.

If smart civilizations held chess tournaments in the galactics, what kind of game system would we see and what would the rules of the chess pieces be?

Based on this sense of logic;
I've brought 2 consecutive moves rules for jumps between 3D squares of parallel layers (1st board 64 to 512 squares 8th up to the board).

With double moves between layers, you can gain more innovative thinking and the ability to visualize in the mind by having fun.

Just let your thoughts move around at the speed of light.

There's a direct correlation between dealing with more complex games and being smarter in the future.

No one has to endure the consequences of failure. The solution is to play CHESS MULTIPLE BOARDS game.

You don't have to think in a narrow two-dimensional (x,y-square) system,

By playing Chess Multiple Boards, you can train your reasoning skills (with x, y, z - cube) and move to 3rd dimension.

I believe it is possible to increase the useful features of chess to unlimited layers.

Thus, find the solutions you are looking for easily, and enjoy reaching the goal of life.

Curious minds create values. With this game, add value to your quality of thinking.

* 3D chess system with multiple boards (up to 8 boards)
* Fully animated 3D pieces, which can engage in battle with each other
* AI with 3 difficulty modes
* Local multiplayer
* Ability to undo moves
* Regular mode (the 2D classical chess)
* 64 different combinations to start the game
* 9 different scholar's mate
* Knight's Tour mode

Note: Federation competition rules, chess rules and referee rules are applied.

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