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You have list of words for another language? Send it to me and I will add it!

Are you trying to learn a foreign language? This app will help you study vocabulary, by compiling a list of words and phrases, then testing yourself until you have learned them.

Please read the description below, as it contains information about managing vocabularies!

The app will start with the complete vocabulary, but as you keep trying and failing the most difficult ones, it will start to focus on those ones, asking them more often and requiring more successful responses before marking them as learned.
Using this trainer for 20-30 minutes a day will improve your knowledge of a language in a matter of days.

In order to train for a vocabulary, you have three different options:
1) You can create a new vocabulary from scratch, adding the native and foreign words you want to learn one by one.

2) You can start with one of the example vocabularies provided, be it the "full" ones or the "demo" ones.
The "full" languages are:
- French / English, 1502 words.
- German / English, 1485 words.
- Italian / English, 1443 words.
- Russian / English, 1391 words.
- Spanish / English, 1455 words.
- Spanish / Russian, 1000 words.

The "demo" languages are:
- Danish / English, 74 words.
- Dutch / English, 74 words.
- Finnish / English, 75 words.
- Greek / English, 75 words.
- Hungarian / English, 75 words.
- Norwegian / English, 74 words.
- Polish / English, 75 words.
- Portuguese / English, 75 words.
- Romanian / English, 75 words.
- Turkish / English, 74 words.
- Swedish / English, 74 words.

You can play with these languages, adding, editing or removing words at your will. If you remove the vocabulary, it will reappear as "preloaded", i.e. unaltered.

3) You can import new vocabularies if you happen to already have a list or an app able to export its files.
An import file must be a text file, with one word in each row, and four values separated by a "tab" character:

native word + TAB + part of speech + TAB + notes + TAB + translation + NEW LINE

You can export one of the example vocabularies, to see how those files are composed.
The "Export" function will save the file (name of the vocabulary.txt) into your "Downloads" folder. That's a nice place to import files, as well, but when importing you should be prompted for the program to use to browse for your vocabulary file. Make sure you have a file manager, you will need it!

Oh and please make sure that the files you import are in UTF-8, or else the app probably will not be able to properly read special characters.

All the vocabulary files except the Spanish/Russian ones (created by myself) are exports from the wonderful Windows application, Interlex (http://www.vocab.co.uk/). If you prefer to learn in your PC I wholeheartedly recommend that you use this application.
Interlex is also a great resource to build your vocabulary files in a PC (which can be much quicker) and then export them to the tab-separated format which you can later import here. Of course you can do the reverse and export your vocabulary in my app to import it into Interlex.

I like to consider Simple Vocabulary Trainer as an Interlex port to Android, but there's already an app with that name, so I decided to give it a different name.

In order to add words to the vocabulary, keep in mind that the comma is used as a separator for different options/variations, so you can choose between different meanings. And content between parenthesis is not considered.
For example, you can have a translation like "(even) more, much more". In this case, you can answer "more", or "much more", but not "even more".
I haven't been able to fully test all the provided vocabularies, as I'm not willing to study all of them :) So please let me know if you find any issue with any word included in these examples.

In fact, please let me know if you find any issue of if you have any suggestion. I'm willing to improve this little app in any way you consider useful.

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