Dark Space : The Attack Awakening

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Dark and oppressive environments, threats of all
kinds, a varied arsenal, electronic music, innovative
mechanics in the genre, this is Dark Space. A 3D
Shoot 'Em Up made in Unity inspired by the Japanese classics
with a unique difficulty, designed to punish slow reflexes
and bad decisions making this title a stressful but very
rewarding work.


A former member of an assault ship developing team
most sophisticated at the time, Awakens 200 years in the
future after the Fall of human civilization at the hands of
the "Guardians of evolution" a life form half synthetic and
organic that protects the natural evolution of species in
all universes. This ex-engineer will have as a mission to
find his old team to stop the Guardians, piloting the ship
that he helped to make, in the company of a new team,
this time of misfits.


.8 levels that will satisfy your craving for Shoot'Em Up!

.A shop where you can buy support drones that will help you in battle!

.A Varied electronic-based soundtrack with about 8 songs!

.Fight 11 unique-looking enemies that are waiting for you!

.Replay your favorite levels on the main menu!

.The story is narrated through comics made with 3D Renders instead of traditional drawing.

.It includes an accelerometer movement control.

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