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This app provides a user friendly way for safe and secured Email by the Yahoo mail app, and using a proven implementation of the military/security/intelligence grade encryption (AES-256).

This app will need the support of our free app SecuredPGPYEmail to be installed on the device. Check the description of SecuredPGPYEmail app for more important information.

Traditionally, encryption has been cumbersome and confusing to most of people. The UI for this app provides a simple and user friendly way for user to get the safety and privacy of encrypted Email using a proven implementation of the well known military/security/intelligence encryption AES-256.

This software app is written specially to suite legal professionals (judges and lawyers), police/security/intelligence/military officers, financial or investment professionals, politicians, senior business officials, senior government officials, diplomats, and political, freedom, democracy, or human rights activists.

Email can attach almost any file format. Therefore, encrypted files can be attached to an Email. As result, this app provides encrypted messages and attached files.

This app runs on android 4.4 (kitkat) and later.

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Each of the above apps is available for monthly subscription for the service of the app.

If you have a problem using this app after subscribing to the service, let us know, and we will help you out to use the app.

We are introducing this app and many other similar apps as part of our long deep and strong passion and commitment to use technology to support and help democracy, freedom of expression, and human rights activists, opposition/supporters and general people against injustice and oppressive police/military/royal dictatorships, and highly corrupt regimes. We are not located in USA. Therefore, we are not under legal obligations to provide personal and private information about our users to spy/security agencies. It is our dream and goal to help to create a better and safer world for everyone.

Privacy Policy: None of our apps collect and/or transmit any info what so ever about the user and/or his/her device.

(*) All tradenames mentioned above are owned by their respective companies.

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