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The Beanbag app ensures your comfort and peace of mind by intelligently controlling your heating and hot water at home. It allows you to control your heating from wherever you are.
The main features:
-Install and commission your Beanbag system through a template based and graphics intensive installation process
- Beanbag offers you the most convenient system default values of temperature and hot water
-View the most up to date current status of your home
- Set your target temperature and hot water as youwant
-Set your weekly heating and hot water schedule at your convenience
-Add an event into your schedule, customised to your special needs, like a Friday night movie
-Saves your energy bill by having the heating turn to a lower/ higher value when you are at home or away.
-Invite and give access of your Beanbag system to your friends and family members
-Get value added and actionable information about your Beanbag systems performance delivered as afeed in your app
-Add devices and upgrade your system easily for future Beanbag offerings

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