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This APP is used for the Wi-Fi camera device ScopeAround.
ScopeAround is a powerful, lightweight video camera with three interchangeable camera heads, the Flexible, the Fit, and the Focus. Each of these specifications were designed to fulfill a unique desired view and function.
The camera records directly to your smartphone or device through wi-fi, so you can view and share your discoveries instantly.
ScopeAround truly gives you a new way to learn, a new way to see yourself, a new way to work, and a new way to see the world.
Whether youre an aspiring scientist or an actual one, a professional worker or just a DIY dad, ScopeAround will help you uncover the details of whats really around you.
If youre more focused on getting the job done than understanding the world, ScopeAround can also help.
The lightweight video camera can help you see the details you need to solve a problem.

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