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RPN Scientific is a scientific Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator based on the venerable Hewlett Packard 10C scientific calculator. It performs most of the 10Cs math functions, but does not include the ability to be programmed. It is free, does not contain any advertisements, and does not collect information about you or your phone.

Users are assumed to be familiar with the basics of RPN calculators. The results field is displayed in the upper left. The numbers being entered are on the lower left of the display window. They are divided into two parts, the mantissa is shown on the left and the optional exponent is shown further to the right. The bottom four stack entries are shown on the far right. Selecting enter pushes the entry to the bottom of the stack and displays it in the result field.

RPN Scientific supports fixed, general, and scientific number formats. To switch among number formats, select the corresponding button and then select a number button to indicate the accuracy. The number of decimal places is limited to no more than nine.

RPN Scientific has a 100-level stack and supports ten store and recall memory locations. Storing and recalling numbers from memory is similar to setting the number of decimal places. First click on STO or RCL and then select the memory register by clicking on one of the numbers, from 0 to 9. Stored values persist even when the application is closedas do the register values and other settings.

Trigonometric functions can use either radian or degree arguments. The angle format can be toggled by clicking on one of the radio buttons on the Settings page. Several common errors are trapped, such as trying to divide by zero or take the logarithm of a negative number.

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