Rabbit management

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* Rabbit management program helps to successfully manage the rabbit farm that allows you to record the mothers and males data and follow them in a simple and accurate way

* A program that makes you control the recording of alerts for every mother or male in the name of the alert and the time it appears and appears in the mother or male screen and all daily farm alerts are displayed through the daily alerts screen in the side menu to facilitate you to perform work faster and accurate time inside the farm

* It allows you to know the comprehensive data on the mother or the male from the number of births and the numbers of positive vaccinations and also the negative and the total number of caliphate and other important data about the mother or male

* The program helps in recording all the illnesses that affect both the mother and the male, and what has been done for them to see the patient history and treatment for them constantly.

* Provides you with the information necessary to enable you to manage your farm successfully

* It features a simple and easy to use screen

* Bunny management program supports an infinite number of mothers and males, and you can count on it

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