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It allows you to organize group decision-making by organizing private voting with close people using bluetooth technology in a fast way.

For this, all the people invited to make the decision must use this application.

1. Announce to the people close to you that the decision-making is going to start, with this they should start the application
1. Propose a topic to decide between all ...
2. With the use of bluetooth technology, close people, about 10m will be able to participate in the decision with the use of this application.
3. The management of the course of the decision is automatically managed until all the participants have given their opinion or the organizer has finished the time.

What advantages does it have:
Using automatic bluetooth management
Secret decision making for each participant
Use in proximity
Quick and easy management for all participants with a fun user interface.

Where can it be used:
In all kinds of meetings, working in the office to decide any topic in a group, in family gatherings, in meetings with friends to make fun decisions or, for example, where to go to eat today, with your family to decide which singer you like the most...

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