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Safe Folder: Gallery Photo Vault App Secure Folder

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Safe Folder: Hide Gallery Photo Secure Folder App

Secure folder will help you to hide private photos, hide videos, hide audio, applock, secure notes, private contacts, and much more. Gallery photo vault app secure folder safe folder providing to you app lock security with PIN, passcode or fingerprint.

- Lock photo album private photos using password, PIN, or fingerprint to own photo gallery and keep safe from snoopers away from private photos
- Hide photos directly from photo gallery vault app and make secure photos in hidden photo vault system gallery photo vault applock

- Keepsafe our private videos in folder and lock them in gallery video locker
- Play media in video player section
- Hide videos secure video gallery vault

- Hide personal and private contacts
- Direct call to girlfriend
- Hide girlfriend call history
- Hide Secret Contacts Group

- Lock or hide personal notes
- Write private Notes with the highest level of safety
- Create secure notes in secure folder app
- Make notes with audio recording
-Notes and Voice memos are encrypted with AES-256 bit

- Keepsafe your audio files with Password-protect secret audio
- Record and secure your business meeting, lecture, private conversations etc
- Add audio files from mobile file manager and secure audio files.

App lock
- Lock private apps with extra security
- Set extra PIN, passcode or fingerprint over the secret app
- Use App Lock to protect your social, photo & video
- Lock apps to prevent access to your private app lock

Intruder selfie
- Entering wrong passcode, PIN or fingerprint at that time it takes a photo of intruders and store in safe folder

Cloud backup
- Upload and download data to google drive
- Cloud-based backup and restore for easy data migration

Private browser
- Browse in private mode
- Private browser for secure and safe browsing
- Browser history will be automatically deleted when closing this Private browser.

Secure wallet
- Secure any personal, important and sensitive details in Secure Wallet
- Protect ATM details, Credit card details, Email details, passport details, id card details, Social media details etc in Secure folder

- Reminder schedule secret and important task
- Reminders can not seen by others so can set reminder privately.

Social media
- Secure Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, LinkedIn, Pinterest and tumblr etc with secure folder
- Securely login into social media and no one can find your social media history.

- Secure Folder providing PIN, Passcode and fingerprint security
- Lock private app, secret photos and videos, private contacts, hided notes in secret folder lock app
- Set password on feature like WIFI Bluetooth, mobile data etc
- Security for images, videos, Apps, Audio, Reminder, Contacts etc.

Hide app Icon
- Hide app icon feature hide safe folder app icon from app list
- Access safe folder app then just copy this link and paste to browser, Link:
- Disguise the photo lock icon as another icon

Uninstall Protection
- Protect Secure folder from Uninstall
- Protect your all hidden data from Secure folder

Facedown Lock
- Facedown lock set an action on mobile screen facedown
- Mobile screen facedown that time action will work and it secures privacy face down auto lock

This app uses the Device Administrator permission
Disclosure: To prevent safe folder being uninstalled, safe folder need Device Administrator Permission and it never use any other Device Administrator permission except uninstall prevention

IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before unhiding your personal files otherwise it will be lost forever.
Activate Uninstall Protection to prevent this app from being uninstalled by others especially kids

Thanks for using the safe folder vault app!

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