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Bodhi is your complete astrology Guide Online. Consult 100+ Astrologers online and get Vedic Astrological solutions to all your problems. You can consult astrologers of Vedic Astrology, Psychic, Numerology, Tarot & Palmistry to get long term guidance to achieve your goals! All this is available only on the Bodhi App.

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1) Find expert Astrologers for Psychic, Tarot, Numerology & More
2) Free Follow-up calls from Astrologers & remedy plans for your problem
3) Ability to call and chat with Astrologers on demand to get guidance on your horoscope

About Our Astrologers

In addition to being highly experienced, well-trained astrologers, they are also your Mentors, Counselors, Problem Solvers, Careful Listeners & your Guides in need.

Astrologers on Bodhi are experts in Vedic Astrology, Tropical Astrology, Western Astrology, Sidereal Astrology, Horoscope, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading, Horoscope Matching and Stellar Astrology. Bodhi is your one stop solution for all Astrological needs!

Find solutions for all your problems, only at Bodhi!

Bodhi helps you find your marriage prediction by connecting you with the best Astrologers.

Bodhi helps you get predictions of love life from your birth details, date of birth, place of birth. It helps to understand love relationships to make different decisions in life.

Bodhi helps you find the path of when you can expect success and money in career and professional life.

Tarot reading
Get a personalized reading session based on your tarot cards with the added benefit of chatting live with a tarot card expert. Pull out your daily tarot card, accompanied by a special message to illuminate your day. We believe that tarot cards are not about revealing a predetermined future, but giving you access to the self knowledge required alongside instilling hope to make better decisions in the walk of life.

Know about your fortune based on your birthdate through palmistry. Discover your fate and the milestones that future holds in waiting for you by comprehending the interpretation of the 3 major lines of heart, head & life in the discipline of chiromancy using our renowned palmistry reading.

Our Astrologers are also experts in guiding on educational, money and health problems. They have practiced offline as well as online astrology.

Get Astrology Predictions From Our Astrologers In Following Ways

Call: Choose your preferred Astrologer, keep your list of problems handy and speak with your expert on a telephone call from the comfort of your home.

Chat: Once you have selected an Astrologer, you can directly chat with the selected astrologer on the app itself and get your questions answered. It's that simple!

Bodhi verifies the Astrologers by making them go through multiple interviews and case studies including horoscope readings. The hired Astrologers are very professional and answer the query with the most accurate astrological predictions. They also undergo a rigorous training session in order to provide the best customer experience possible.

We launched Bodhi as we saw how users were posting about their experiences on Sanctuary, Co-Star, Nebula, Time Passages, Cosmic Insights and we felt a platform which allows them to find a life guide was the need of the hour.

All Astrologers are authenticated with 4 multilevel verification processes.

Disclaimer: Bodhi is a marketplace for experts in astrology, numerology, psychic and tarot reading. Bodhi charges for the chat/call service and holds no responsibility or liability about the reliability of the astrology services.

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