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Experience the world of Roto with the Roto Com-Tec App and conveniently control Rotos world of products. The app turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control for at home or on the go. Rotos home automation solutions embody comfort and security. Rotos products are easy to integrate into common Smart Home systems.

This app allows you to:

- Automatically open and close windows equipped with the Roto E-Tec Drive window drive-unit.
- Display the status of windows equipped with Roto Com-Tec Sensors. The sensor scans the hardware position to detect the status of the window and hardware at the same time. Hardware status display: Tilt position, turn position, locked position including the open and closed sash positions.
- Choose moods and scenarios such as intensive airing.
- Check the status of the windows when you leave your home und receive push notifications to inform you in the event of an unauthorised change in the status of the windows.
- Get a fast overview of all critical windows.

The following products are supported:

- The Roto E-Tec Drive window drive-units,
- The Roto Com-Tec Sensor wireless sensors
- The electrical functions of your Roto roof window

Contact your specialist company for windows and doors for equipping your windows with Roto products.

Roto Frank Fenster- und Trtechnologie GmbH
Roto Frank Dachsystem-Technologie GmbH

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