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"it seems like the best Bluetooth app to independently activate Bluetooth when traveling by car and deactivate it as soon as you park."
- Daniele Ettori

"Turn on/off Bluetooth automatically without any problem. Saves battery and no need to connect manually anymore !!"
- Robert Cloutier

"Works like a dream."
- Daniel Burton

Join over thousands of drivers who automated their driving & Bluetooth experience on the road with Blutify - Bluetooth Auto Car Connection app.

With Blutify you can simply relax and drive without worrying about your Bluetooth connection with the car - the app automatically turns on Bluetooth when it detects you driving and turns it back off when you exit the car.

Bluetooth Auto Car Connection - Blutify is the Bluetooth app for your day to day driving.

Download now for all your driving activities and save some battery life on the go!

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Blutify auto connect takes the stress out of drivers and keeps their Bluetooth connection reliable and safe on the road MovilZona

Bluetooth Auto Car Connection - Blutify makes you forget that Bluetooth even exist while driving... GeekTime


Toggle Bluetooth On/Off automatically when driving ( auto connect )
Super fast car detection - Detects you driving in a super sonic speed and auto connect to the car as quickly as possible
Fast Bluetooth connection - Fast auto connect to your car Bluetooth device
Read messages while driving - Read out loud WhatsApp Facebook & Instagram messages
Force Bluetooth connection - Force a connection to your car when Bluetooth auto connect is toggled
Stable connection - Automatically retry to connect to your car when disconnection occur ( reliable Bluetooth auto connect )
Baby reminder - Toggle automatically when you get out from the car (optional)
Route GPS voice navigation to your car speakers automatically (optional)
Live weather voice report automatically when driving (optional)
Automatic flashlight toggle- toggle flashlight automatically when getting out of the car (optional)
How much i drive? - Live voice report on how much time your last drive was (optional)
Bluetooth connection and disconnection sound toggle with the option to select a custom ringtone or the default app ringtone (optional)
Route any sound to the car speakers - toggle automatically when driving (optional)
Toggle WiFi OnOff automatically when driving
Launch another app automatically when driving


Bluetooth Auto Car Connection - Blutify automatically Toggles Your Bluetooth Connection On And Off While Your Eyes On The Road

It's a simple yet effective app with a variety of capabilities to improve your driving experience automatically while your eyes on the road

Bluetooth Auto Car Connection - Blutify can even toggle off your android Bluetooth automatically when either you exit your car or when it recognizes that your android Bluetooth connection has disconnected from your car Bluetooth device.

The app has been developed with a sophisticated algorithm that obtains data from your android internal low power sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope etc) to recognize when you are driving inside your car , so your Bluetooth won't toggle automatically if you are a passenger in another vehicle such as : bus, train & more.

Download Blutify now and make your driving & Bluetooth experience like never before!

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