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GLAPANA Sleep Profile App lets users enter key information about Body, health & pains, sleep patterns, based on those suggests the right mattress for them.Its a STANDARD MATTRESS which can be used by anyone. With the recommended product, users get more benefit. If a couple wants to go with their invidividual profile recommendations then we suggest you to go with DUAL Comfort mattresses.
Unique range of biomechanically derived spring mattresses from GLAPANA,gives optimal body support,aligns spine to natural shape for stable foundation to offer a great nights sleep.
When it comes to Mattresses, one model does not fit all. GLAPANA's PELAVA, MADHYA, PRABALA and KATHURA Spring Mattresses are built to suit individual's sleep profile.
Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain are on the rise affecting people of all ages and profiles. We have studied various incidences of customers suffering from these pains and the kind of mattresses they are using. When the body does not get enough support and rest, it is not fully ready for next days activities and suffers discomfort, pressure and soreness which transform into chronic pain. When proper support is provided to the pressure points like shoulder, hips, knees, toes etc., the pressure is relieved.
- Form to enter details
- Help for filling the details
- Analysis of users data
- Recommendation of suitable mattress
- Shopping cart
1.Can others use my recommended mattress?
Ans: Yes, its just a standard mattress.
2.What if I want separate to me and my partner?
Ans: Yes, individual comfort is more important to us, so we introduced DUAL Comfort mattress.
3.Do you guarantee that my pains and aches will go?
Ans: No, its only an advice, we cannot guarantee. As there are so many reasons for pains and aches.
GLAPANA doesnt guarantee relief from pains or non occurrence of pains or no pains by using our mattresses; it has to be taken as advice only.
At GLAPANA, we take our users privacy very seriously. Here are the details of every permission that this app asks for; we dont save any of the information on our servers.
Storage: We save some data locally to avoid making a lot of network calls.
Your Social Information: We only need to read your contacts when you need to pick someone from the contacts to share, we dont save any of the data on our servers ever.
Your application information: Logs, We use this to gather information that helps us fix any issues that you may experience with our app.
Yours accounts: We require this to be able to send some notifications, dont worry we never spam.
Your contacts: we need to access to your contacts, so that you can invite your friends.
Read and receive sms: we need this permission to enable our app to read your OTP sms automatically enter the code while completing the payment. Your privacy will be respected and no information will be saved.
Download our app for Free and check your profile for the best suitable mattress advice.

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