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RocketPrep is a next-generation time-saving learning app, created specifically for busy nursing professionals who want to get their NCLEX certification faster.

Your Time Is Valuable - Stop Doing More Of The Same

Endless late nights, multiple textbooks, confusing online forum posts - sound familiar?

We cant afford to spend endless amounts of time and money, not knowing if it will get us certified. There has to be a better approach.

Gain An Edge - Prep Like The Experts
RocketPrep starts with in-depth coverage of NCLEX topics, and combines it with proven, efficient and time-saving techniques used by expert test takers.

Heres an example: We know that expert test takers always create audio flashcards - they record themselves reading difficult concepts, and listen to that recording daily. Research has shown that this technique improves memorization drastically. Even actors use this technique to memorize their lines.

We do audio flashcards for you! RocketPrep gives you never-before access to audio flashcards and other expert test-prep methods in an easy-to-use app.

Power Up - Get Ready To RocketPrep!
Once you download RocketPrep, it will help you:

Learn faster. Audio flashcards let you review the entire curriculum in less than 3 hours. Read and *hear* RocketPrep speak NCLEX concepts aloud, anywhere, anytime, in the gym, car or train.

Prep smarter. RocketPrep flashcards and tests are optimized for fast learning, ensuring comprehensive coverage of concepts, without any "fluff".

Gain confidence. Take "1 minute tests" to ensure that you have memorized those concepts. The more tests you take, the more confidence you gain. Having developed test stamina, painlessly move to solving longer, full-length tests.

Get certified faster. RocketPrep today!

Over 1200 flashcards and 900 practice questions covering concepts
Coverage of all 18 NCLEX domains including Neurological, Autoimmune and Neonate Disorders
4 hours of audio featuring US and UK instructor voices
1 Minute "mini tests" which reinforce your understanding of critical concepts
Track your test readiness using our mastery scoring system

Thank you!

Contact us: support (at) rocketprep dot co

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