Bokumemo - notepad (with tabs and preview)

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BokuMemo is a memo app created for Android. The memo can be grouped by tabs, and the contents of the selected memo can be previewed.

Features and usage

1. You can group notes by tab.

2. There are six tabs, you can change the tab name, change the display order, and show or hide in the settings.

3. The height of the upper list can be changed from the setting.

4. The content of the selected memo is displayed in the preview area at the bottom.

5. Deleted notes can be put in the trash once and recovered from there.

6. Add a note using the Add button in the upper area, the editing of existing notes, use the Edit button in the lower area.

7. For editing, you can insert the date from the menu.

8. The content is saved when you exit with the return button from editing. Please cancel the contents of editing from "Cancel" of the menu.

9. There are functions such as moving between tabs of notes, sharing. Select from the menu or long press on the list.

10. Backup function
You can create a backup by selecting "Backup" from the menu. The backup file storage location is created under /BokuMemo folder.
You can restore from backup file by selecting "Restore from backup" from the menu.


1. This application can be used free of charge.

2. This application is displaying advertisements.

3. The author shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use of this application.

4. The author is not obligated to support this application.

by junkbulk

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