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Geo: Convert GPS Coordinates

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Easily convert GPS location coordinates into a different format.

Latitude/longitude (decimal degrees)
Latitude/longitude (degrees-minutes-seconds)
Plus Code (Open Location Code)

Helpful for

Converting coordinates when you don't have a network connection
Marking points on a map
Finding your current GPS location
GPS navigation to a point
Researching imagery/maps for a single location using multiple apps
Converting coordinates when you don't know what format they are in
Using in split-screen alongside a map (Android 7.0+)
Sharing coordinates as a QR code

Simple, one-page app
Works offline no network connection required
Works with all major map apps
Works for all locations worldwide
No login or registration required
Small download size

To use

Enter your coordinates in any format
App detects the format and converts as you type
Tap to copy to clipboard, or tap button to open coordinates in a map app

Plus Code support

Global (full) Plus Codes such as 866MPCH8+26 are supported for offline conversion. Local codes, which are shortened Plus Codes with a locality such as "PCH8+26, Huntsville," are not currently supported.

If you enter a Plus Code that represents an area, it is treated as a single point at its center.

UTM latitude band support

The nonstandard combination of UTM with MGRS latitude bands is not currently supported because doing so would require extra input for disambiguation. Please let us know if you'd like to see support for this format in the future.

What about What3Words?

What3words is not supported due to the limitations imposed by its licensing restrictions. Complying with the What3words licensing would result in having to charge large recurring subscription fees for this app.

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