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Lori Health - Nutrition, Meal plan, Blood Test

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Lori App is a full solution to take care of your health. The App designs a health plan for you based on your lifestyle, your measurement metrics, your clinical information, your blood tests, your DNA, your choices and preferences. The App not only helps you to manage, reverse or prevent PCOS, cholesterol issues, hypertension (blood pressure), diabetes with custom plans, but also tracks your health consistently. Lori is your new best friend!
Lori Health advantage:
1. No more guessing what works for your health! Get a custom plan driven by blood tests, clinical metrics and DNA tests.
2. Keep a track of your health all the time by using the clinical metrics trackers on the app
3. A coach who will keep you motivated
4. Order blood tests and DNA tests on the app with no fuss
5. Track your periods and have your custom plan that takes care of your periods as well
6. It is now easy to track your fasting cycles and make sure your eating cycle works with custom diet plans, telling you what to eat before and after a fast

Top features: Free health plan with nutrition suggestions, health trackers to keep track of your weight, measurements, clinical information such as your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure etc., intermittent fasting tracker, menstrual health tracker, medication management

Clinical Metrics Trackers:
You can track a variety of clinical metrics such as fasting blood sugar, post-prandial blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, triglycerides, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, testosterone, and other hormone levels using the trackers. You can also order blood tests to get these metrics checked regularly.

Menstrual Cycle Tracker:
You might be tracking your periods to make sure they are regular, or you are tracking your fertility cycle, or your doctor advised you to track because of your PCOS. Whichever reason it may be, Lori's tracker helps you to keep track of your periods and customizes you diet plan to make sure you have a happy period or a healthy ovulation cycle. The app makes sure that you get all the nutrients that you need during these phases.

Intermittent Fasting Tracker
You can be a novice, familiar or an expert in fasting, Lori's tracker helps you to choose the fasting cycle that you would want to get started with. The App reminds you to keep hydrating during the fast and makes sure you eat all the nutrients that your body needs before and after the fast. Bonus? The App tells you what is happening in your body while you fast.

Lifestyle Diseases
Diseases such as PCOS, cholesterol issues, blood pressure, diabetes are called lifestyle diseases as they are common in people who have a unhealthy lifestyle. Prevention is certainly the best way to go to avoid these, but with the right kind of lifestyle, you can also manage or reverse these diseases. If you have a family history of any, or if you wish to check if you are at a risk of developing such diseases, you can order a DNA test to check the same on the app. The App will custom-make your diet plan based on these DNA results.

DNA Testing
Do you know that your DNA can tell you about how your body is absorbing nutrients, what kind of workout and activity is ideal for you, your immunity profile, if you have any genetic disease risks and if your skin or hair is at risk. DNA is a surefire way to know about yourself. Don't guess anymore. You can get information on more than 250 gene markers that can help you know yourself and your health better!

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