Reversi Sandbox - Build your own AI

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Reversi Sandbox is the most customizable Reversi App for Android so far! Play against one of the five AI's built by the developer, or start building and tweaking your own personalized AI. With an astonishing 12 Million possible combinations, you'll be having hours of fun creating the best AI ever made!
Will you manage to build an AI which can outperform all of the developer's AI's?

=====: Features :=====
Clean User Interface
5 pre-built AI's
5 Color Themes
Different Starting positions
Build your own AI
1 Player Mode (Human vs AI)
2 Player Mode (Human vs Human)
AI vs AI
Undo / Redo
Sound Effects

=====: AI's :=====
Very easy: It's a challenge to lose against that one.
Easy: Bad Player, good to get accustomed to the game.
Normal: Very aggressive player, but can be defeated easily when playing carefully.
Hard: Tough competitor, only few people will be able to beat him.
Very Hard: Only a true pro could win against him.

=====: Reversi Rules :=====
Whoever has more discs when the game is over wins.
Players alternate turns, adding a disc on to the board.
Opponents discs are captured when they are surrounded either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
You can only make a move if you can capture at least one of the opponents discs.
If one player cannot make any valid moves, he has to pass and the other player can play again.
The game is over whenever there are no valid moves left.

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