Witch Defense - War against witches

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Witch Defense Release.
Defense the attacks with your cute heroes!

Hire hero and set in empty slot.
You can upgrade with same heroes.

update note-
2019/03/31 Ver.1.0.5 - Witch Defense official release.
2019/03/31 Ver.1.0.6 - Improve performance, reduce app size.
2019/04/06 Ver.1.1.0 - Update new stage, fix bugs, improve performance, improve UI, Add tutorial, Add help page, Change hero balance, Change some hero's effect.
2019/04/06 Ver.1.1.1 - Fix eternal update dialog popup bug.
2019/04/06 Ver.1.1.2 - Change game balance, Fix resume game bugs.
2019/04/06 Ver.1.1.3 - Fix bugs.
2019/04/07 Ver.1.1.4 - Monster position problem solved, Change hero effects icon position, Reduce message box text size, Change some sudden quest's condition.
2019/04/09 Ver.1.1.5 - Reduce stage2 some boss's hp.
2019/04/10 Ver.1.1.6 - This version is for fixing emerald delete error. Change merchant's synergy effect can overlap.
2019/04/19 Ver.1.1.8 - Fix sudden mission problem, reduce stage2 level50 boss's hp, fix other bugs.
2019/05/27 Ver.1.1.9 - 64bit update.
2019/05/31 Ver.1.2.0 - Application quit problem is solved.
2019/09/29 Ver.1.2.2 - Update for improving performance.

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