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Dodol is a traditional food that is quite popular in several regions of Indonesia. Dodol is classified into two, namely dodol processed from fruit and dodol processed from flour, including rice flour and glutinous rice flour.

Fruit dodol is made from crushed ripe fruit flesh, then cooked with the addition of sugar and other food ingredients or without the addition of other foods.

In overseas markets, fruit quality standards are determined by the importer, fruit quality is strongly influenced by the level of age, size and appearance of the fruit skin. Fruit that conforms to quality standards must be smooth, free from bruises, abrasions or scabs. Besides that, the size of the fruit must be simultaneous and in accordance with predetermined criteria.

Fruits that do not meet these quality standards can be used as lunkhead. The processing of fruits into dodol is an effort to extend the shelf life of the fruit and reduce post-harvest losses in fruits.

This application contains more than 45 selected Dodol recipes and how to make them, including:

- Passion Fruit Dodol Recipe
- Durian Dodol Recipe
- Practical Mango Dodol Recipe
- Papaya Dodol Recipe
- Banana Dodol Recipe
- Chayote Dodol recipe
- Yellow Pumpkin Dodol Recipe
- Guava Dodol Recipe
- Salak Dodol Recipe
- Recipe for Cassava Dodol Tape
- Carrot Dodol Recipe
- Recipe for Menado Typical Dodol Amurang
- Typical Betawi Dodol Recipe
- Garut Dodol Recipe
- Corn Dodol Recipe
- Dodol Susu Recipe
- Soursop Dodol Recipe
- Strawberry Dodol Recipe
- Banana Jackfruit Dodol Recipe
- And others

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