Cogs Box - slide puzzle

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Cogs Box is a slide puzzle game where the goal is to power up all of the golden endpoints. If you like slide puzzle games where you construct complex machines then this games comes with all the needed parts to start inventing. It features very natural way of moving tiles, just like in a real Sliding Puzzles games. It comes with 100 puzzles that are build of cogs, pipes and laser mirrors tiles.

Take your time and plan ahead. Cogs Box is not about the best time, you can relax as you play but every move counts if you are going for the best solution.

Cogs Box is very easy to learn, but it might take more than one try to find one of the best solutions. When you get three stars it means you found the best solution or the one very close the best one.

If you like the game genres below then Cogs Box has all that is needed.
Sliding Puzzles, Move tiles to construct a bigger picture.
Maze Puzzles, Unblock puzzles.
Puzzle Games, Exercise your brain.
Brain Teasers, Get your mental gears going.

MOVE the tiles with your finger.
FIND the path to power up the endpoint.
GET three stars for optimized number of moves.

Have fun!

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