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Avartan introduces the new and comprehensive Learn Appily app. The list of series of computer books in the Learn Appily app are:

1. IT Domain (Grades 1-8)
2. IT Framework (Grades 1-8)
3. IT HUB (Grades 1-8)
4. IT Matrix (Grades 1-8)
5. IT Vision (Grades 1-8)
6. AI and You (Grades 1-7)

Learning has never been easier and more fun. This new Learn Appily app allows users to access the content of various computer books of different grades at a single platform. With a user-friendly interface of an integrative nature, this app saves time as it provides a platform where all the mentioned books are available.

Compatible with a range of smartphones and tablets, the Learn Appily app promises to make learning dynamic, interactive and enjoyable. Children find it easy to retain information when knowledge is imparted using audio-visual learning. It contains evocative animations that make challenging concepts easily understandable. The 2D and 3D video-based assets are created specifically to ensure that users get the most out of their screen time.

This distinct approach of learning Computer Science will help the user to nurture the budding technologists in them. The audio-visual approach allows the user to explore a variety of concepts.

Use the new Avartanss Learn Appily app for an engaging and enriching experience.

Here is the link to what the app has in store for you- https://youtu.be/9OtGZ9XBnXQ

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