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Melayu Quran e Majeed has exclusive feature of transliteration, which emphasizes on the pronunciation of the Holy Quran. This feature is one of the main modules that helps in the learning and pronunciation of Holy Quran. The word by word transliteration makes pronunciation of Arabic text easy.

Melayu Quran e Pak has feature of line by line translation of Holy Quran verses to understand the true meaning of the surah for melayu speakers and moreover to develop a strong understanding to gain the virtues and blessings of Allah SWT. This app emphasizes to learn and to understand the meaning of what is being learnt so that you can act upon the teachings of Allah SWT to make your life beautiful in this world and in the hereafter.

Melayu Quran with audio and translation is a highly integrated app for the melayu speaking people, melayu Holy Quran compromises of exclusive valued features that help user to not only to listen or read Quran Majeed in Melayu language but it enables user to understand the Quran Majeed in parallel to learning. So Melayu Quran e Pak provides you a platform to learn and understand Quran Majeed with distinctive features creating ease for learning and understand Holy Quran in this language. Melayu Holy Quran offers Translation, Transliteration, and MP3 Audio Recitation of all Surahs of the whole Quran e Majeed.

This Holy Quran app is intended for Melayu speaking people but still the app is added with extra value of translation of Quran Majeed. This feature creates ease for the valued user to understand the meaning of verses in his native/own language.

The reading feature of Quran e Majeed is assisted with search and go to options, search option can be used to search a specific chapter of Quran or a specific surah for reading or listening the audio Quran Pak. This search option is further supported with go to option to easily go to a specific verse of any surah of Holy Quran e Majeed instead of scrolling it out again and again to find the desire verse

Fourteen (14) Sajdahs that come in Quran Pak are separately mentioned in this app, so it wont let you miss any sajdah while reciting Quran Pak and enabling you to go directly to that surah and verse to learn and understand the Quran completely.

The Quran Pak app is assisted with highly optimized Quran audio player, which is provided with extensive features of play, stop and repeat to assist his valued users to listen to the audio narration of Quran Majeed or specific surah. Moreover, there are several recitation of Holy Quran Pak.
Melayu Quran has also ensured the environment and access to the app by providing user friendly interface and different font styles that suits different types of users to understand words easily. Different font styles help users to select the font style of their own choice, which help and assists them in reading the Quran pak easily moreover font size can be selected or changed for the ease of the user to increase or decrease the font size. Moreover Bookmarks feature is added to keep track and save your frequently read surahs and it allows you to continue from the same place where it left while closing the app.

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