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Flash cards are a great method to boost your learning as they reinforce parts you cannot easily remember. FlashCards has the following features that are very useful in learning:

1. Quiz Mode - Put your questions on the front side of the flash cards, answers on the back of the flash cards, and hit the quiz button. In Quiz Mode, the app shows you flash cards in random order and you can gauge how much you are able to retain.

2. Auto Save - You never have to hit a save button with FlashCards. All flash card content is automatically saved as you edit it.

3. Re-order Cards - You can reorder flash cards in a set to suit your needs.

4. Bulk operations - You can turn all flash cards on way and clear all of them to start fresh, with just one tap.

We have a lot of features planned and they'll be released soon so keep updating your app.

Please let us know if you'd like any specific features, maybe the app will get it!

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