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QR-code reader app easily scans all types of QR code/barcode. QR scanner app fastest and quickly decode the information. You just use this professional barcode scanner to read the information behind the secure code.

Free QR code scanner reads a URL code and opens a browser to the site by pressing the button. If the code contains the text then the barcode scanner shows the result according to the data and you can intently see.

Here are some outstanding features of the QR code reader app that are given below:

QR code generator with code creator feature gives you the facility of creating your own QR code. You just select your data including text & files or links and go to the option of generate QR code. The QR-code scanner app provides you a code that is valuable for you and your business.

QR code reader app is easily and powerful barcode scanner app to scan any QR codes/barcodes.

QR code scanner is use to scans coupons for receiving the discount.

QR code generators also generate the links or messages that you want to send to your friends or family members.

QR price checkers also check the product price by scanning the QR barcode.

You can generate your QR code from the gallery.

Barcode reader allows you to translate your voice messages into many languages.
Code scanner provides filter support to search your complete translation history and QR scan history as well.

QR scanner provides you details about your product after scanning your QR-code.

How to use:
Free barcode scanner is really easy to use it. First of all open the QR scanner app. The QR reader camera is open for QR code scanning. Then scan your QR-code. The barcode reader shows the decoded information.
You can save and share that information with your selected audiences.

QR code scanner app is widely used to encode & decode QR barcode/codes such as ISBN numbers & Phone numbers or matrix data like that. QR-code reader app just required camera permission. Free QR scanner is safe and fully compatible with your cell phone device.

You can use this QR code scanner app anywhere in the world and anytime when you want with the tremendous features of the QR-code reader app.

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