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An exciting NEW series of games with Puppy Patrol! We're going to the police station and stand up for full-time duty. Our curious puppy became a police officer. What is waiting for you and Puppy Patrol today? We can regulate traffic on any city crossing where traffic light is broken. We can go to the crossroad with a huge traffic jam what doesn`t allow emergency car go on call. But to do that Puppy Patrol should know traffic rules. Does your child know them as well? If not, then do not worry, our games for children are initially educational games! With Puppy Patrol your kids learns and in game form any important business and also he/she gets to know a lot of useful information.

So, are you ready to be police officer? You are NOT frightened of a big traffic jam? Are you ready to regulate traffic and rise up? Then, together with Puppy Patrol go to the police station and choose a new form for a police officer and run to the crossing where the traffic light is broken! There are a lot of cars waiting for help. Someone in a hurry to work, someone is late for a plane, and someone got an emergency call and go to the accident or fire. And it`s only up to you who`ll be the first to go. You need to regulate traffic very carefully and first of all let ambulance, fire engine and police to their emergency calls. We`ll visit also railway crossing with broken traffic light, and look over so that cars couldn`t crash with a train. Railway crossing is a very dangerous place for cars. Fast trains go so fast that drivers couldn`t notice the approach of trains without your help. But if our clever Puppy Patrol is on duty, then do not worry. There is no place for accident, and all the emergency cars are going to reach their destination in time!

This new product, as well as all of our educational games for kids, is absolutely for free! Stay with us, stay tuned and have fun with your kids, playing with them in our free educational games!

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