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Property Taxes

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Property Taxes

The Property Tax is a mandatory tax that has been created by the U.S. Government and entrusted to the Counties of the different States to be collected. This tax is levied once a year, that is to say, the bill arrives once a year to all U.S. households.

This app is also a guide that provides a brief introduction on how to consult the bill and how to pay online through counties website.

This tax is focused on all persons who own or possess real estate such as homes, lots, offices, buildings, apartments, warehouses, commercial premises, parking lots, rural agricultural properties, among others.

With this application we will help you to identify if you are obliged to pay this tax and also clarify all the doubts presented about it.

In addition to consulting if you are obligated you will also have at your disposal the following:

Property Taxes doubts.
Date for payments
Where to Download and Pay your bill
Questions and answers


WARNING!!! This application is not affiliated with, endorsed, authorized or licensed by the Government of United States or other government entity.

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