Scrape Frenzy Zodiac Warriors

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Play "Endurance" mode where the aim is to see how far you can travel with one life and beat the global furthest distance or play in "Level" mode where the aim is to collect all puzzle pieces to assemble the twelve Zodiac Warriors and beat the global high score.

To survive you need to scrape away all rocks covering many space objects. If the rocks are not scraped before they reach the bottom of the screen you lose a life.

You may tap on asteroids, amulets and gems to gain stars, gems, power ups and bonus points.

Optionally enemy creatures can be destroyed by tapping repeatedly and quickly on them but not when these are glowing red. Do not swipe on creatures as these will lash back and make you lose a life.

Full Story:

Many years ago, during an interstellar war between the Zodiac Warriors and the army of Hypnos, the God of sleep captured the twelve Zodiac warriors.

Hypnos made a pact with the masters of the universe that he would free the warriors if someone beats the challenges that he prepared in space.

Hypnos created a puzzle key for every warrior. Each key had the image of the warrior burnt on it. He split each key into small puzzle pieces and covered each piece with rocks. He also covered other objects with rocks, mixed them all up and sprawled them around the galaxy.

The challenge is to quickly scrape all rocks covering the pieces before these hit the bottom of the screen. Not removing the rocks in time will make you lose a life.

Once all puzzle pieces are collected the Zodiac warrior is set free.

One can even take the endurance challenge without freeing any warriors, here one would have one life and the aim is to see how far one can survive.

There are also several creatures guarding the puzzle pieces. These creatures can be killed by one or more taps according to their strength. If challenger accidentally slides finger on a creature instead of tapping on it, the creature will attack challenger. Creatures are deadly only when they are glowing red.

Floating in space one can find asteroids which when tapped will break and release stars or gems that can be used to acquire scrapers or lucky charms. Some scrapers give the challenger more power to scrape quicker and more efficiently.

One can also find amulets that give the challenger one of twelve different powers. Powers can make challenger invulnerable, fast, slow or offer destructive weapons that wipes out everything in sight.

Power-ups are somewhat rare but if one acquires lucky charms, these will become more common and make the challenge easier to accomplish.

Every now and then one can meet the Zodiac Wheel, which when tapped will give the challenger many stars.

So go and take the scrape frenzy challenge, a challenge that is as unusual as it is unique.

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