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USM Apps presents Talking Battery app which announce different status of the battery. This is a free application. It announces different states of battery. Talking Battery is complete doctor for battery. Its easy to use and user friendly.


When device battery fully charged.
Every 20% Announer.
When the device battery is low.
When the charger is connected.
When the charger is disconnected.
Delay and Repeat Settings.
Complete battery details.

This application is very useful, when you are busy in playing game, browsing data, using GPS app or you are viewing some video content. If you do not want listen the
announcement, then you can simply disable the announcer from setting screen.

It uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to announcement feature. When you run this application first time, then it check's whether text-to-speech engine is installed or not, if not then it redirects you on Google Play for TTS engine, you have to install only once. So Please, If application redirect's you on Google Play Store, Install the TTS Engine. This application totally depends on TTS.

Download it now and enjoy Battery Level Announcer/Talking Battery App.

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