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Do not miss the perch This app is an app for bird birds for which the voice signal. Rail as much as possible so that your load-out to listen to the birds or fried one. The sound of the normal rail. Becky singing birds that sing at night daytime rail male or female, in this application there.

The app is a replica of a rail so natural and realistic as possible rail Amaurornis phoenicurus (White-breasted Waterhen) or bird Moorhen known as English folk Northeast of Thailand live in the trunk, head and canal. male wild field with grass or shrubs are overgrown. Common to all regions of the country Becky birds eat frogs, crustaceans, fish (small), frogs, worms, insects, earthworms, insect larvae. And invertebrates as a shock. Becky is a bird cried Kwang Kwang Kwang A A A A A Valvoline Valvoline to dating and mating and spawning season to the beginning of the winter. This species is delicious when used to cook, so people are quite popular catch rail or cook. Caught selling to earn a good income.

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