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Practice differently at PractWorks. Practice that works.

Develop lifelong habits of deliberate and effective practicing with the PractWorks app which is focused towards improving your performance to the fullest in the most optimal way with our research based adaptive AI technology.

PractWorks combines the research, technology and the rich domain expertise of experienced teachers in making sure:
You can quickly revise the theory and concepts related to a particular topic of your interest with instant feedback. This helps in making sure you are familiar with the related
theory and concepts.
You can submit your detailed step-by-step answers to specific questions on the platform by using pen and paper. The hyper-specific questions are grouped together as Missions
on PractWorks and each Mission reflects how, when, and what topics and concepts you have been practicing. These are geared towards challenging you just enough so that skill development and retention is optimal.
Detailed evaluation by experienced teachers at every single step of your submission points you to identify and close the gaps.
You will find the whole experience of practicing on PractWorks encouraging and
rewarding. You can win frequent awards and recognitions for consistency with your
You can benchmark your performance with your peer group with periodic showdowns.

A user-friendly dashboard summarizing all the practice history, performance and access to current and completed practice material. All the important communications in relation to your practice will be sent to you as memos and will appear in your dashboard on the home screen. You can write to us through the Contact Us dropdown menu from the top-left corner of the App.
Free unlimited revision of practice material with instant feedback on your responses and detailed explanations for answers. Win revise points for your correct answers. These are multiple choice questions and are geared towards making sure you cover the theory and concepts for a specific topic of choice.
PractMissions - PractWorks creates PractMissions specific to your practicing history. A mission on PractWorks contains the questions for which you need to submit detailed step by step answers. PractMissions are created based on your grade, stream and practicing history using our highly adaptive AI technology.
Self-created missions - You can create your own missions by cherry-picking/mixing streams, topics and concepts. The Self-Created missions are subjected to the same evaluation and feedback mechanism of PractMissions.
Showdowns - You can appear for periodic Showdowns on specific topics once you
complete practicing a topic with PractMissions. Showdowns typically happen for an hour on Saturday twice a month with the same set of questions presented to all candidates at the same time. It helps in benchmarking your performance with your peer group. Winners of Showdowns will be recognized with rewards.
Rewards. PractWorks recognizes your consistency in practicing by promoting you
through different ranks.Your ranks are reflective of your own efforts and are not
influenced by other students. You can also win awards for topping your leaderboard,
maintaining a weekly streak, and crossing important milestones among others.
5 free submissions. Your first 5 missions are generated and evaluated for free. You can practice revising the multiple choice questions any number of times but you need to purchase a subscription if you want to avail the one-to-one evaluation of your missions by teachers.

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