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Shepherd a subspecies of the domestic horse. A characteristic feature is the low height powerful neck short legs endurance. By ponies are many breeds bred on the islands.

In Russia to pony horses accepted to Shetland Welsh American miniature breeds. The term pony in Russian literature Hippology including horses having a height of 100-110 cm at the shoulder and below although some horses of the above species there are also much higher. Abroad the scale of growth is different for ponies in Germany the last ones are the horses height at withers up to 120 cm and below in England up to 147.3 cm English measure to include the pony half.

Shetland a very high-spirited horse one of the smallest species in the world. It formed in the Shetland Islands of the Atlantic Ocean more than one thousand years ago. The height at the withers from 65 to 110 cm. They resemble miniature draft horses as they have short thick legs heavy head trunk wide thick fur and long lush mane and tail. Shetland gained immense popularity around the world as a child riding. Pony involved in the same kinds of equestrian sports as horse flat racing steeplechase jumping. But two ponies even participated in the Olympic Games Little Model performed in dressage at the Olympics 1960 in Rome a pony called Shtroller at the Games in 1968 in Mexico City even won a silver medal for jumping. The growth of these horses did not exceed 145 cm at the withers they came from Connemara mares a pony.

Ponies come in many colors but more often Shelties pinto suit - when the main background of any color spread out large white-pezhiny spots. If the background is black that is the main color of the black horse and on it the nature of the white cast-pezhiny spot color called Raven pinto. Very often there are ponies and sheep light gray suit.

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