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*** TouchGames.eu: "Yes, better than Bejeweled and other clones!" ***

- Unique match-3 puzzle game
- Themed in four seasons
- 4x15 levels to unlock
- Powerful bonuses to enjoy
- Hexagonal grid
- Realtime physics engine for tile drops
- Online global crossplatform score

How to play:
(Take a look on gameplay video here in Play Store to get an idea how the game should be played. In the game you can press button "?" anytime on main menu screen to display instructions)
+ You need to combine at least 3 same symbols in a line in any of 6 directions to eliminate them from game board and gain score
+ You can swap any 2 adjacent symbols by touching the first one and then touching the second one. If this swap doesn't lead to elimination, your time is decreased by 5 seconds malus (You can avoid this by activating "clock" bonus which freezes time completely)
+ The more symbols you eliminate at once the more score you get. This also applies to situation when you are able to eliminate 2 groups of symbols anywhere on the board at the same second (e.g. as you can see in our gameplay video, there is a 6000 score gain when you eliminate 5 symbols at the top and 3 in the middle at the same time)
+ There is always one symbol on the board marked with glowing fire circle. When you eliminate this symbol, score multiplier is activated (green number "2x" is displayed on the right of the screen). This multiplier is active for 10 seconds and multiplies all score you get from eliminations
+ Available bonuses are displayed in the top-right corner of the game. You gain them either by eliminating special symbols on the game board (e.g. clock icon for clock bonus) or by buying them for game golds
+ Try to achieve high score to gain stars and golds. Take a look on the "test tube" in the top-right corner of the game. Green progress bar shows your current score, stars show score levels needed to recieve 1-2-3 stars.
+ Stars are needed to unlock all seasons
+ Along with stars you also recieve golds (1 gold for 1 star, 2 golds for 2 stars, 3 golds for 3 stars). This is important motivation as each level you play will deduct 2 golds from your balance. The only exception is Level 1 in Spring season, which doesn't cost you any golds, so you can practice there :)

- Try to freeze time as much as possible (collect or buy clock bonuses and activate them), this is the key to high score
- If you run out of golds completely, exit the game and start it again, you will gain 2 golds for free and you can try to beat level of your choice and earn more golds by your skill! :-)
- OR buy instantly more golds using in-app payment, then you can buy plenty of bonuses to help you play :-)
- If you experience performance issues (e.g. slowness, flickering of the screen) on older devices, try to restart them and disable all unnecessary services

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