Pizza City Driver

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Pizza City Driver is a game with an open world, with beautiful and bright pixel graphics, beautiful music and sound effects, dynamic and addictive gameplay.

Pizza City Driver is a fast paced action / racing game in which you will have to race against time to deliver pizzas, make your way through city highway traffic racers as your tyres burn against the asphalt.

The game has no rules and ready routes, the city is open to you! Find your own path to the goal and style of riding.
You can be a careful driver, or you can sweep everyone in your path! There are 3 power ups that will help you in your mission to serve delicious pizza to all the residents of the city.


Open World: a great city to explore, choice the way for pizza delivery. Free ride mode: if you are tired of playing missions and just want to go for a ride around the city? The game has a Free Roam mode, in which you can drive around the city enjoying the music!

The game has an amazing music beat detection algorithm in which the lighting of the game depends on the song that is playing! The game also contains several music tracks to be even more fun!

The game supports 3 different controllers: steering, buttons and sensors of the device. Awesome driving experience: a pizza van is driven like a real car, which is fun and interesting.

Upgrade your car: Improve your car. Also there are 3 types of bonuses: Nitro, Slowdown and Jump.

Many achievements: the game has a lot of achievements that help to earn coins, which can be used to modernize the car.

Day and night cycle: the game contains a full day and night cycle, with appropriate day and night lighting and entourage.

Realistic physics: the game runs with very realistic physics, and almost every object in the city can be affected! More destruction: create chaos in the city when you drive, destroying vehicles and knocking civilians !

Follow the updates and let us know how much you liked the game.

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