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Cerebrum2K18 is an official application of an Agra based Anand Engineering College Technical Campus,Keetham, Agra. (SGI Group).

In this application students will have the several activities, which are as follows -

1. About Us (Short description of the Cerebrum.)
2. Posters(Events Posters.)
3. Gallery (With the gallery students can have the direct access of all the photographs of the cultural & technical activities.)
4. Feedback's (With this activity students can share theirs feedback and suggestions over the any particular topic, which will be consider from the management of the college.)
5. Live Votings(With Anandians Members.)
6. Videos (With this activity students can have look of all the videos of college, directly on theirs phones.)
7. Facebook,Linkedin, Twitter (Social media page integration of Official Social media facebook handle.)
8. SGEI (Website integration of Official SGEI portal.)
9. Helplines (All the important contact numbers of related faculties of college,Student can have direct call with the faculty person.)

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