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Solitaire FreeCell is one of the famous variations of classic patience games like Klondike, Spider and Spiderette.

Like most patience games, FreeCell Solitaire uses a single deck of 52 playing cards. After the game started all cards are dealt face up to the tableau which consists of eight columns. The first four columns contain seven cards, while the remaining four columns contain seven cards each.

The aim of FreeCell Solitaire is to move all four aces to the foundations and build each up in suit from ace to king.

Almost every game in Solitaire FreeCell HD is solveable, this is what makes the game so unique.

You can choose between two kinds of deals while playing Solitaire FreeCell HD.
Random Deals: If you chose to play a random deal, a deal of the classic 32000's is randomly picked, this guarantees every game to be a challenge.
Winning Deals: If you just want to have a relaxing session while playing Solitaire FreeCell HD you can choose to play a winning deal. This kind of deal has been solved by someone before, so you have a a guarantee that you can win!

> Amazing HD Graphics
> Completely Fullscreen
> Classic FreeCell Solitaire gameplay
> Tap to move
> Drag&Drop
> Highlights Moveable cards
> Random deals & Winning deals
> Achievments & Leaderboards
> Auto complete after you solved a game
> Different Card & Background styles
> Portrait & Landscape
> 100% free

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