Iqra Qaida - Quran e Pak Parhna Seekhain

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Iqra Qaidah the book for kids and elders to read holy quran in a correct way (tajweed).

We Muslims, who are not native speakers of Arabic, normally learn to read the Arabic language from an early age but only a few of us are lucky enough to move beyond that and understand the divine language.

This app, therefore, is for people like us who know how to read the Qur'an or Quran but who do not understand the meaning of what we recite, to learn the most frequent words used in the Book so that we can get a sense of what Allah SWT is saying to us directly. I hope this will open up an opportunity for all of us to feel the effect of this message on our hearts and will motivate us to pursue this knowledge further so that we may prepare for the life that is beyond the life that we are living now.

Allah SWT says, "And We have Certainly made the Koran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember." (Al-Qur'an 54:17)

There are about 77800 words in Holy Quran (Mushaf) and about 540 words make up about 82% vocabulary of Holy Qur'an.
In other words, if you learn and understand these 540 words, you will be able to understand the meaning of the verses of Holy Quran, In sha Allah.

This application is especially designed to teach these words and uses latest learning technologies and game elements to make the learning fun and enjoyable.

The first four chapters contain 25 lessons and more than 150 words, this makes about 46.5% vocabulary of the Holy Quraan. These chapters are completely free and all the other chapters can be unlocked by spending Gold Coins that you earn while studying these lessons. If you are short on Gold Coins, you can buy them at a very low cost.

The ads within the app are strategically placed so that the flow of lessons and learning is not interrupted and you will see a very limited number of ads during a learning session.

Every time you start a session you will be presented with an authentic Hadith of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) so that your knowledge and awareness about Hadeed (Hadis / Hades) also increases or improves.

In addition to Lessons, there are Quests to broaden your learning, they are not mandatory to complete the course or meet your daily goals but provide you a good opportunity to apply and expand your learning.

We have embedded features :
- Finger swipe option to change Pages.
- Sharing option to share your favourite Pages on all social media websites.
- 4X Zoom in option.
- Easy download option to save Pages in your gallery.
- This app you can also use offline.
- Bookmarking option to quick retrieve your favourite Pages.
Note: Please give us feedback about any issue or problem if you face.

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